7 Dangerous Credit Card Mistakes You Probably Make Everyday!


If you have a credit card, you most likely want to use it, right? Well, Credit cards make buying things easy and convenient, especially when you do not have cash during emergencies.

However, this convenience is not free for you as there are some financial dangers of using credit cards.

Impulse buying is, of course, the most obvious problem most credit card users often face. Besides, there are also other ways an individual could use a credit card that harms his or her financially, some with effects that last quite a while.

Here is our round up of seven dangerous credit card mistakes you may not even know you are making



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  1. Being penalised for carrying a utilisation ratio which is considered too high is rediculous as a measurement of credit rating. I pay the entire balance on the due date each month. So using my credit card I keep my cash in the bank for a longer period. This of course has the potential to carry this so called over utilisation ratio so instead of being beneficial for me I am penalised for trying 5o look after my finances. What is the use of having credit cards if this is the case. Disgusting policy.

    • Judith, I think that advice is pure bullshit. I am like you, I pay the full amount off each month, as soon as they close off, and every year, they increase our credit level. If more people were like you and us, living within our means, we would not have so many foreclosures or bankruptcy’s. Just my opinion


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