5 Stupid Credit Mistakes You Should Never Make


1. Forget to Pay Your Bills on Time

Forget to Pay Your Bills on Time© NerdWallet

You may have all the cash you need to pay off your loans, but you could still easily damage your credit score with one simple accidental 30-day late payment if you don’t keep track of when your bills are due.

When you miss paying a certain bill by only a few days, your bank might not report that late payment to the credit bureaus. However, you could still be surprised by a painful late payment charge. For instance, several credit cards charge late payment fees of up to $38.

In case you often forget about paying your monthly bills on time, you may consider using your bank’s automatic payment service so you’ll be sure to pay at least the minimum amount due. Some banks also provide text and email reminders so you have no excuses left for forgetting your bills.

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